Student Veteran Spotlight: Tessa Poppe on Victims of Military Sexual Trauma

"The VA can’t deny its policies are not discriminatory when it takes one veteran’s testimony and denies another. Now the VA will have to explain its discriminatory methods in court." -from "The VA Is Now Being Sued For Discriminating Against Victims of Military Sexual Trauma"

Check out Tessa's article on VA Discrimination here.  And her other articles on the military and gender issues here.


Tessa Poppe is currently a graduate student in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University and is a research assistant focusing on gender relations in the military and women in combat.  Prior to graduate school, Tessa attended the University of Iowa and received her BA in International Studies and English.  She enlisted in the Army National Guard after high school and deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, in 2007-2008 as a military police officer and again in 2010-2011 to Kunar province, Afghanistan.  She served in the Guard for seven years and honorably separated from the Army in 2012.  She now lives in Washington, D.C., and focuses her studies on conflict stabilization and sub-state violence.

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