Student Veteran Spotlight: Sebastian Bae featured in Foreign Policy

"The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought by soldiers, sailors, and Marines, but devised by an army of policymakers and politicians...The national security debate must become a conversation, not a top-down dictation." -from An Enlisted View: No Boots Allowed?

Sebastian was featured by Thomas Ricks on Foreign Policy.  Check out his article here

Sebastian also writes for the Georgetown Security Studies Review: 

Shadow Networks: How Criminals, Terrorists, and Rogue States Collaborate

Anyone's War: The Privatization of Violence


 Sebastian J. Bae is pursuing his Masters at Georgetown’s Security Studies Program, specializing in international security. He served six years in the Marine Corps infantry as a Sergeant, and deployed to Iraq in 2009. He previously studied at UC Berkeley for his undergraduate degree in Peace & Conflicts Studies, and did academic exchanges and fellowships at the University of Hong Kong as an undergraduate and the University of St. Andrews Centre for the Study of Political Violence and Terrorism as a graduate student. His professional and academic focus has been in counterinsurgency operations and humanitarian interventions, particularly concerning the Right to Protect doctrine.


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