Inspiring National Security and Defense Innovation

It is time for Georgetown University to step forward as America’s academic leader in national security and veteran research.

The gap between America and its military and veterans is widening, but the GUSVA can serve as a vital bridge between the two. While Secretary of Defense, Dr. Ash Carter, is personally working to bridge this gap by engaging entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley via the Defense Innovation Unit - Experimental, we are students at one of the finest academic institutions in the world and this university sits at the center of our federal government and national security enterprise. What better venue could exist for the dialogue to connect these communities?

Last year, the GUSVA co-sponsored an innovation summit in conjunction with the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum that was dubbed DEFxDC. Held at the School of Continuing Studies, the one-day conference brought together an array of 150 junior military professionals, senior leaders, veterans, and civilians to tackle serious policy issues regarding talent management, the 3rd Offset, and the future of defense strategy. The event was more than just an opportunity to discuss ideas - participants contributed to many of major policy changes over the last year.

This year's conference is set for Thursday, May 12th and it is our chance to have an out-sized impact within our professional interests. Student veterans can be some of the most creative and innovative minds because we are learning to apply new concepts to old problems and that's where disruptive ideas begin. Moreover, it is important that Georgetown University step forward as the leader in national security and veteran research because only Georgetown has the institutional resources capable of substantive impact. We have world-class programs in law, medicine, public policy, security studies, and business – all of which must collaborate in order to meet tomorrow’s threats.

This is your invitation to join us on May 12th. Come to connect. Come to be inspired. Come to have an impact.

If you'd like to be involved in this event, please email Jim Perkins at

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